Emotional Transmission in the School Environment According to Teachers' Opinions

31 July, 2022


Authors: Bahri AYDIN & Işıl TABAK


Purpose – The purpose of this research is to determine the teachers’ and school principals’ emotional transmission states towards each other,the emotions experienced by teachers in and outside the school, how these emotions affect other teachers and vice principals in the school, how the emotions experienced by other teachers and vice principals in the school affect teachers, and how the school principals emotions and behaviors affect teachers, according to teachers opinions.

Design/methodology/approach – In the research, in which case study, one of the qualitative research methods, was used, the data were collected with a semi structured interview form. Accordingly, the data collected in the research analysis were coded, themes were determined in the coded data, codes and themes were arranged, tables were created, and the findings were described and interpreted. In the analysis of the opinions of the participants, similar statements were grouped and the frequency of repetition of the statements was tabularized.

Findings – Teachers experience both positive and negative emotions in their private lives and reflect these emotions in the school. Teachers also experience positive and negative emotions at school. According to the teachers, while their own feelings and thoughts affect other teachers and vice principals positively or negatively, they are also affected positively or negatively by the emotions experienced by other teachers and vice principals. Besides, the emotions and behaviors of school principals affect teachers positively and negatively.

Originality/value – It appears that emotions have an important place in the school environment. It is revealed that issues such as creating environments that support teachers to experience positive emotions at school, providing teachers and administrators with information about the effectiveness of emotions in the work environment are important.

Keywords: Emotion, emotional transmission, teacher

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