Turkish Journal of Qualitative Research

January 15, 2021


In order to submit a publication to our journal, you must first make the necessary page layout from the writing and publication principles page. It is mandatory to submit an article plagiarism report. If the editorial board deems it necessary, it can scan for a plagiarism report. After making the necessary changes to your article/Article info@nitelarastirma.org you can send it as an attached file to the e-mail address. Writing a "Candidate Article" as the subject of the submission will speed up the evaluation process.

Publication/Article Transfer Operations

January 10, 2021


The authors are obliged to transfer the right of the works accepted for publication to TJQR after the arbitration process by agreeing to waive the copyright of their works. TJQR is the authorized body for the publication of the article.

However, the following rights of the authors are reserved:

The right to reproduce the work provided that it is not sold,

In the future work of the author (book, book section, etc.) the right to use all or part of the work, provided that the journal is specified in the bibliography,

The right to use it on personal websites, provided that you specify the working tag.

In order to initiate the peer review process of the publications you have sent to our journal, the publication copyright transfer letter must be filled out and editor@nitelarastirma.org it must be sent as an attached file to the address.

To download the copyright form, Click Here