Focus and Scope

Jonuary 15, 2021


The aim of the Turkish Journal of Qualitative Research is to create an open-access academic platform where researchers working in the field of Social and Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences can share their findings.

Our journal publishes original articles such as qualitative, quantitative research related to all areas of educational sciences and field education, meta-analysis studies that comprehensively evaluate field writing, and book review. In addition, priority is given to current research using advanced research / statistical methods and techniques, as well as articles written using a qualitative method. Besides the competencies of the researches sent to the journal in terms of methods and science, it is also the main publication criterion for them to make original and new contributions to the field.

Our journal aims to be scanned mostly by databases and indexes with the Open Access System feature, but also to provide easy and unlimited access to scientists and readers.

Our journal does not charge publication fees from the authors during or after the article publication process

Publication Topics

Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Political, Educational Philosophy, Ethical Reflections

Field Education

Material Development, Innovative Approaches in Education

Education, Economic and Social Dimension

e-learning, Distance Education, Technology Education

Educational Programs and Training

Computer and Internet Technologies, New Technologies, Educational Technologies

The Use of New Technologies in Education, Adult Education

Studies in all areas where a qualitative research pattern is used as a statistical method