Perceptions of Self-Respect of Managers Working in Different Socioeconomic Regions: A Qualitative Research

31 December, 2022


Authors : Berfin YILMAZ, Mesut YILMAZ, Timur KAYMAZ, Murat ÖZOĞLU, Murat GÜLER, Yılmaz KORKUTAN


Purpose – The aim of this study is to discuss the factors affecting the self-esteem perceptions of managers working in different socioeconomic regions.

Design/methodology/approach – The study was prepared with the phenomenology pattern, which is one of the qualitative research methods. The study was carried out using a semi-structured interview form with 10 school principals who graduated from primary schools in Diyarbakır province and its surroundings.

Findings – It has been discussed how the managers evaluate the self-concept, how the institution they work for affects their selves and what are the methods of coping with these effects. As a result of the interviews, the school principals' self-esteem perceptions were evaluated and opinions and suggestions were included in this direction.

Originality/value – Unlike many studies in the literature, the research deals with the concept of self-esteem in depth and touches on the awareness of managers about their self-esteem perceptions, the situations that affect their self-esteem and the methods of coping with these situations.

Keywords: Self, Self-Esteem, Socioeconomic Level

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