Conditional Conjugation and Its Form Used in Diyarbakir Dialect

31 December, 2022


Authors : Münir ERTEN


Purpose – To determine the usage forms of the conditional conjugation in Turkey Turkish dialects.

Design/methodology/approach – In Diyarbakır dialect, the verb conjugations of present tense, such as request and command are different and unique when compared to other dialects; so the conditional conjugation is the same.

Findings – Today, although we do the conditional conjugation with the suffix -mAlI in general, there are forms those we use other than this. We also use them in our dialects. The most preferred form in Diyarbakır dialect is the one consisting from the demand conjugation with the word “gerek”.

Originality/value – This topic has never been adressed before. Evaluating our findings with this approach was important in terms of guiding future studies in this area.

Keywords: Diyarbakır Dialect, “gerek”, condition conjugation, request conjugation, possessive verbal noun.

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